Black Phillip Sock Goat!!!

Wouldst thou like to cuddle, deliciously?
This fall I put aside my usual crochet/sewing projects in favor of a craft project that was a little more Satanic.
Dear Darkling Black Phillip: A DIY Sock Goat Tutorial

The Most Beautiful Books Ever! - Slow Art Studio and Bindery

At the Spring Equinox last year I started keeping a magical diary again. I figured if I could consistently keep a Bullet Journal along with a mundane book where I dumped out my feels, I could keep a magical record.

I chose a cheap notebook I bought at Walmart that I wouldn't feel bad about messing up or tossing if I decided the whole exercise was crap. Instead, I ended up with a cool little notebook that was filled with every dream, tarot reading, spell, ritual, recipe and embarrassing spiritual thought from Equinox to Winter Solstice. 
When it came time to start thinking about getting another book I wanted something that was a little bit nicer. 
When I saw Thorn Mooney's video about a book she was working through, I knew exactly where I would get my next book from.
Slow Art Studio and Bindery!
My entire shopping experience with her was just wonderful - she has the best customer service. I picked up a leather journal for myself and one for a friend for a Yule gift. I also recei…

Clearing out the dust!

There has been lots of silence here. Do people still read blogs? I do. I'm always excited when there's a new post from the blogs I read. I just haven't found myself in the mood to blog when Instagram and Twitter are much more exciting for me.

Let's catch up with each other!

In August I became obsessed with making corn dolls, an example of which ended up here. It's one of my new favorite ways of making poppets because it's faster than sewing.

August moved on into a cool Autumn and I was swamped with work. By October I was in the mood to get Spoopy and put together a costume I have been wanting since I was a little kid

The Grand High Witch, Herself!
In November I had my 34th birthday and I spent the day at home, drinking a lot of coffee, and writing in my Bullet Journal and in my Woo Book. A friend gave me a mala made from black lava rock and I've been doing sitting meditations as a way to unwind after very long hospital shifts. I spoiled myself with new book…

Happy Lammas

Early this morning I made a corn doll from husks gathered from local fields while doing a bit of baking. Okay, I confess, I was making pizza. But it was still baking.

Mirth and Reverence (In which I am a klutz)

It all began as a fairly normal Summer Solstice morning. I was off from my job and was able to greet the rising sun with a nice cup of chamomile tea. This being Texas there were also many mosquitoes who enjoyed my tea and several gallons of my blood.

I went inside and took a relaxing shower with a cleansing herbal bath scrub and rose scented soap. I applied tea tree oil to many mosquito bites and made my way into my ritual space. Normally my altar lives on my dresser, which is also where I store my magical supplies. For the occasion I had set the altar up on my coffee table, filled a large cauldron with water and flowers, positioned the quarter candles, and made a circle of rose petals.

If I had taken a picture I would share it with you. Trust and believe when I tell you that it was pretty and I had really outgayed myself. I was staging the Solstice ritual out of the Farrar's Witches Bible. I was originally going to go with something simple and heartfelt but decided on high theate…

A Whole Blog Post Without Swearing!

Hello again! It's nearly October and I haven't posted anything here since early Summer. What else is new? I solemnly swear that my hands haven't been idle, they just haven't been anywhere near the keyboard.

What have I been up to since May?

I attended the DFW Pagan Unity Fest. I promised myself that I would get out more often in spite of the heat, bugs and sunlight.

Midsummer came and went without a lot of fanfare. I've always liked the four cross-quarter days a lot more.

Lammas was celebrated with gusto! Mostly that meant whipping up some biscuit dough and baking a mellman for the ritual proper. I made biscuits from the leftovers and those were served to the family with strawberry jam and strong coffee.

I jumped on the Bullet Journal bandwagon back in July. What I first dismissed as some sort of hipster thing has really helped me feel less overwhelmed. I've been keeping a mundane journal for the last year, and I started a journal for woo stuff. I confess that …