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Herman Slater on The Craft

Move On Already!

That deliciously cheesey song is right. Breaking up is hard to do.
Whether a relationship, a friendship, a career, or even a religious practice/philosophy, there is nothing easy about ending something and moving on.

The period that follows of sleepless nights, tears, and the need to verbally lash out at the former beloved (or whatever) is a necessary and natural part of the healing process. It's good. It's healthy. Eat a box of chocolate, watch a tacky movie and spend a week in your pj's if you can.

And then put your big girl underpants back on and get over it.

The same needs to be said to those person's who are "Abandoning Wicca" throughout the interwebz.

We get it. We really do.

You took a good look at the amalgam of practices that you threw together from Llewellyn books, dubious new-age ideas, and poorly understood Eastern concepts and was calling Wicca - and realized that it didn't satisfy your needs.

And that's fabulous! It really is! Please, …

To Keep Silent

For good or ill we are living in a technological age. An age that likely will not move away from technological development any time soon.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and the blogging phenomenon has given pretty much everyone - from seasoned academic to Joe Schitz, a voice. A voice to say what he wants, when he wants, in whatever format pleases him.

I'm generally of the mind that this is a good thing.

But the simple fact remains that not all voices are equal or equivalent. This, sadly, is especially true amongst Pagan's who participate in the world of online communication.

I'm aware of the history of the Occult movement. I've seen old newsletters and zines where some of the more prominent public Pagans hashed out grievances, spread lies and gossip, and generally made asses of themselves.

There is nothing new under the sun, and this isn't what I'm referring to. Occult folks are a snarky bunch, with very strong opinions, and even stronger Wills, and if this were…