Move On Already!

That deliciously cheesey song is right. Breaking up is hard to do.
Whether a relationship, a friendship, a career, or even a religious practice/philosophy, there is nothing easy about ending something and moving on.

The period that follows of sleepless nights, tears, and the need to verbally lash out at the former beloved (or whatever) is a necessary and natural part of the healing process. It's good. It's healthy. Eat a box of chocolate, watch a tacky movie and spend a week in your pj's if you can.

And then put your big girl underpants back on and get over it.

The same needs to be said to those person's who are "Abandoning Wicca" throughout the interwebz.

We get it. We really do.

You took a good look at the amalgam of practices that you threw together from Llewellyn books, dubious new-age ideas, and poorly understood Eastern concepts and was calling Wicca - and realized that it didn't satisfy your needs.

And that's fabulous! It really is! Please, go on and be happy. Find a perfect fit. Or maybe you'll create your own, and give it a special name that is unique to what you are doing.

But please, don't piggyback on the Wicca thing. Or the Pagan thing. Because what you are doing, and what you have always been doing, never really was any of that to begin with. Honestly. It wasn't. That's crystal clear to everyone who wasn't in this for a fashion statement or as a bandage to their poor self-esteem.

You're moving on. That's great. Now please do that. Move on.

But the more you continue to bash Wicca (or any other path) for it's perceived shortcomings, the more you prove yourself to be a Jackass to the rest of us.


  1. *wink*wink*wink*

    I'm glad you approve.

  2. How do you get a "standing ovation with a 'whoop whoop' fist pump" emoticon to appear? This post SOOOOO deserves one!


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