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And speaking of Oracles...

I purchased a new Tarot deck today.

I've collected a number over the years, given many away when I got tired of having to dust them, and retained only a choice few.  I think Crowley's Thoth deck is one of the most beautiful decks ever, but it doesn't Talk to me.  Robin Wood's deck is pretty, even though there are a few cards whose imagery I find problematic.  See the Hierophant card for more information. 

And while I do love the Rider-Waite deck and it's various versions, I have to admit that I don't really grok the Cabbalistic/Masonic thing.  When you start having theological debates (read: Tantrums which involve throwing things and threats of immolation) with your oracle...maybe it's time to look for a new one.

So I returned home with my brand new deck and checked out Gordon's blog, as I often do.  And he has this great post up on Calibrating An Oracle.  You should go read it.

Portentous or merely Noteworthy?


The Lord from The DruidCraft Tarot
A happy and joyous Solstice to you all!

June in Texas is really just the beginning of a very hot, miserable season which is at it's nastiest in August and September.  My ancestors were not people who lived in hot climates, so their eventual decision to settle in Texas is an odd one.  Maybe they were tired of the cold.  Maybe it was the abundant farmland.  But my lily-white skin and red hair does not like the sun, or the heat, very much. 

So, I'm really not the sort of Pagan you'd likely find roughing it at an outdoor festival, at least in the daytime.

Appropriate Solstice celebrations for me include staying inside all day with the AC cranked up while sipping iced tea, lemonade, or perhaps a nice pitcher of Margaritas.

Later tonight, I'll quietly step into the Circle and congratulate Himself for reaching the High Point of His power.

Wicca: Everyone's Favorite Whipping Boy

Sometimes when interacting with Neo-Pagans you'll hear a lot of talk about community, plurality, and the need for tolerance amongst the various sects of Paganism.

And I agree with that statement.

But sometimes you'll also notice a bit of condescension whenever the subject of Wicca comes up.  Which is oddly amusing, since most modern Pagan paths wouldn't be alive and kicking today if Margaret Murray and Gerald Gardner didn't have the testicular fortitude to write a couple of controversialbooks way back there in the dark ages of the early 20th century.

Sometimes practitioners of Asatru, for example, will poke fun at NeoWiccans for being fluffy. And you know, sometimes the things people do in the name of Wicca are incredibly ridiculous.  Sometimes a harmless joke about tye-dye and crystals is just that: a joke that anyone with the maturity of an adult can laugh at. 

But the most venomous attacks directed at Wicca is often from people who claim to be Witches of the NeoPag…