The Lord from The DruidCraft Tarot

A happy and joyous Solstice to you all!

June in Texas is really just the beginning of a very hot, miserable season which is at it's nastiest in August and September.  My ancestors were not people who lived in hot climates, so their eventual decision to settle in Texas is an odd one.  Maybe they were tired of the cold.  Maybe it was the abundant farmland.  But my lily-white skin and red hair does not like the sun, or the heat, very much. 

So, I'm really not the sort of Pagan you'd likely find roughing it at an outdoor festival, at least in the daytime.

Appropriate Solstice celebrations for me include staying inside all day with the AC cranked up while sipping iced tea, lemonade, or perhaps a nice pitcher of Margaritas.

Later tonight, I'll quietly step into the Circle and congratulate Himself for reaching the High Point of His power.


  1. I dont blame you for not wanting to go outside. it is miserable in Ohio, I dont even want to think about Texas.

    Also, I love the DruidCraft Tarot. It is the best tarot deck i have ever worked with

  2. Bah. Your ancestors settled everywhere. :)

    I have heard precisely the reverse thing said on the south island of new zealand: "why would the scottish travel to the exact other side of the world and settle somewhere just as miserable, wet and cold as scotland?"

    The answer is obvious:

    "because it's as far as you can get from the english without building a moon rocket." (Or so I was told.)

    In other news: Happy midsummer!

  3. @Iolair - I propose cold beverages and lots of lots of air conditioning.

    And it is a beautiful deck! I love it.

    @Gordon - The Slav's did move around a bit, hence why some of our Gods found Their way into the British Isles and Greece. :D

    Happy Midsummer to you, too!

  4. From one luminously-pale redheaded indoor witch to another, happy solstice to ye!

  5. Thanks!

    May yours be served up with rootbeer floats!


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