Stick In The Mud

An Open Question:

Who exactly was it that decided a Wand = a stick covered in glitter with a fucking quartz crystal hot-glued to the end of it?

I want answers.


  1. clearly you use sequins. not glitter. duh

  2. That puts an entirely different spin on the matter! ;)

  3. Not a clue, but mine is a crooked piece of a tree I can no longer remember. My grandma made it for me when I was 12 or 13 (can't remember that either) but I don't use wands much, so I haven't gotten another. Maybe I should consider a sparkly one--just kidding lol

  4. @ Aithne: Bloggers totally bonkers. Your comments are just now appearing here, even though you posted them last night. Blargh!

    For the longest time, books on magic and even the earliest books on Pagan Witchcraft suggested harvesting a branch from a virgin Hazel tree on the day of Mercury in the hour of Mercury. I've seen references to soaking the wind in magical fluids. The Farrars do mention decorating a wand with metal wire and an amber and jet bead on either end.

    I just can't find a defining moment where wands got a quartz crystal on the end and glitter and such. Maybe if I put aside my prejudices about certain books on NeoWicca, I would find what I'm looking for!!!

  5. At the other end of the spectrum, last year at our Pagan Pride Day there was a guy set up selling "wands"--i.e. his table was covered by a pile of random sticks. Not even de-barked or sanded, just hacked-off sticks for which he was charging $5 each.

    And people were BUYING them. ::sobbing in the corner::

  6. @ Magaly: Mine is a piece of twisted, fallen tree branch that quite literally fell at my feet.

    If your wands must sparle...make them SPARKLE!!!!!!!!!! :d

  7. @ Temperance: Clearly, I need to go into the business of selling Majickqual Tools made from random crap I find in my backyard.

  8. ROFL! But... but... glitter is awesome!!! ;)

    My wand is a little stick chewed smooth (by a rabbit probably) that I found during a middle school field trip. Now that I'm older, I'm glad I never tried to decorate it.

  9. "Glitter is the herpes of the craft world"

    I have a Dionysus mask that is decorated with glittery, gold leaves, and I will still find random specks of glitter here and there.


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