Hints From Hertha

Awhile back Trothwy posted a blog about solving one of the many wax-related dillemas we Witches sometimes find ourselves facing.

In the comments, there was some discussion about a Hints From Heloise type thing for Pagans; a Hints From Hertha

*Since I am, in fact, very much a Dude, I wonder if Hints From Herne would perhaps be more appropriate.  Please weigh in with your opinions*

Being responsible for most of the domestic tasks around my house, this sort of thing is right up my alley.  There are plenty of books on Witchcraft, and how to do some of the things that Witches do.  How to make incense.  How to pour your own candles.  How to stick a damn crystal into an otherwise lovely piece of wood.

But a guide to some of the more mundane things that seem unique to Witchcraft?  Hardly.  At least not in the Woo-Woo section of your local Barnes and Noble or Occult shop. 

We're always getting wax on something, or needing to get wax OFF of something.  Ever mixed incense by hand and found your fingers stuck together because of wet and goopy super-glue like Myrrh resin?  Want a non-chemcial way of cleaning up those brass and copper altar furnishings?

So a new feature of this little blog is going to be my own practical tips for dealing with some of those special tasks that Witches have to do.

And hopefully some of the other Awesome Witches I'm honored to know will chime in and share their own tips and ideas as well.


  1. As much as I do love Herne, "Hints from Hertha" just has such a *ring* to it.

  2. He's also not exactly the domestic sort. And Hertha? Well, that's sorta what She does!

  3. I agree, "Hints From Hertha" for the win. Screw biology - anyone who regularly bakes is automatically 10 times the woman I am.

  4. Aww shucks!

    *blushes*looks at feets*

  5. I love the idea of a Hints from Hertha!

    Now, if we can just figure out how to get wax off a cat ... ((Laughing))

  6. Hmm, putting the cat in the freezer is obviously out! My dog has a very strict *No Magic* policy, so we haven't had that issue yet.

    I wonder if peanut butter would work? There's some similarity between wax and chewing gum.

  7. Herne, Hertha, whatever. Gather the information and publish it, and it'll sell no matter the name on it!


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