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"The suggestion that spells of domination should never be performed suggests at best naively idealistic, at worst ignorant, protected, Ivory Tower sensibilities.  Images of powerful wizards in castles to the contrary, magic spells have always served as weapons of the disempowered.

Societies where every individual is free, has enough to eat, isn't dependent on others and is able to retain control over one's own body, sexuality, family, and personal destiny, do not develop domination spells.  They don't need them."

- Judika Illes
   Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells


  1. Seriously! If you look at the nation sack in particular, it is a nasty piece of work. Except that it was developed in period of time that where it was acceptable to beat your wife, there was no divorce and women had few opportunities to support themselves. If I was saddled with some asshole, I'd hoodoo 'em into an inch of his life too.

  2. I have GOT to get this book, I was listening to the New World Witchcraft podcast and they've mentioned it a few times... now you quoting her... gotta get this book, apparently

  3. I enjoy her books, especially the Encyclopedia of Spells, because she draws on a LOT of traditions of spellwork. She also includes some rather obscure and strange things to give you the full context of these practices. Fun stuff.

    And she's not providing incantations or rhyming couplets, just basic spell tech and recipes, which I also really like.

    I have no lacking for words, but sometimes you need inspiriation tech wise, and her books are great for that.

    I think you will enjoy it. :D


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