Story Time

I love stories.  I love stories about magic.  I especially love true stories about magic in the day to day lives of Witches.

When the Witch is one of your dearest friends, it's just the best thing ever.

I was baking a cake, a Devils Food Cake to be precise, for this weekends Halloween enjoyment, when I got a phone call from Co-Witch and Compatriot Evn, directing me to read his latest blog entry.

And I did.


Treat yourself to a little Pre-Halloween storytime, courtesy of the Lord of Strife.


  1. And this is why I love Evn.

    Speaking of stories, I remember Googleing "evocation diaries" for the first time as a preteen... my eyes were glued to the screen for days, lol.

  2. You flatterer, you. (But I'm really glad you enjoyed it.)

    wv = "fansa," as in "Evn's a big fansa Veles."


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