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Giving Thanks

In the wee hours of the morning, me and mine shall be travelling to visit family in Northeast Texas, deep in the Piney Woods region.  It's a truly magical place, and what it lacks in progressive mentality it makes up in unspoiled natural beauty.  I wouldn't want to live there, but it's lovely to visit!

I know there are many Pagan-folk who object to the celebration of Thanksgiving, for a long list of very valid reasons.  And that's fine.  No pumpkin pie for them.  But I love Thanksgiving; the food, the family, the tradition, and the shopping!

So I wish all of you dear readers old and new a joyous and filling Thanksgiving!  May your tables be bountiful, your bellies be full, your hearts be merry, and your stress levels be low!  And if you are able to celebrate at all this year, in this unfortunate economic time, then you most certainly have something to be thankful for.

So in the interest of good manners, please make offerings to your local spirits of place.  One can nev…