Sunday, January 23, 2011

Take The Apple

Friday night I dreamt of snakes.  As in, I was wearing them like a skirt, slithering over the lower half of my body, up my arms and around my neck.  It was fuckin' cool and also kinda creepy. 

I attributed this dream to my allergy medicine, which I firmly believe moonlights as Flying Ointment.

This morning Evn called to tell me about his new pet snake.  He met this snake on Friday.  The snake's name is Inanna Dentata.  I'll be meeting this snake in February.

In my email this morning, there was a note from Trothwy quoting a passage on The Witch of Forest Grove's blog which mentioned my namesake and his connection to snakes.

I'm not usually one to chase after omens, but this is too weird to ignore.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Full Moon Musings

The trifecta of December's Winter Solstice, Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse made for a potent night.  There I was in my back-yard, not dressed for the bone-chilling cold, watching La Luna turn black and glow with that dark hellish red, weaving a spell on a knotted cord.  The Raw Potency Contained that I always feel when the Horned One comes was near, and the perfume of the Maiden To Be crept through the dead leaves and bitter soil. 

The Hag and the Lord of Death reminding me of Their softness, and the Spring-Tide to come.  It was glorious.  And my simple wish will blossom and flower, in it's time.

But as I sat last night on the cold-ground, looking up at the lunar orb, one month past that magical night, I had a sense of what our ancestors must once have felt, that so many of us still feel.  The dreaded fear that Spring would never come, that winter's food supply would run out, that there wasn't enough heat to make it until March, that Death would come before we could begin again. 

I remembered why, among the many things a Witch does, we have to turn the Wheel.

Candlemas is coming.  Are you ready?

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