Take The Apple

Friday night I dreamt of snakes.  As in, I was wearing them like a skirt, slithering over the lower half of my body, up my arms and around my neck.  It was fuckin' cool and also kinda creepy. 

I attributed this dream to my allergy medicine, which I firmly believe moonlights as Flying Ointment.

This morning Evn called to tell me about his new pet snake.  He met this snake on Friday.  The snake's name is Inanna Dentata.  I'll be meeting this snake in February.

In my email this morning, there was a note from Trothwy quoting a passage on The Witch of Forest Grove's blog which mentioned my namesake and his connection to snakes.

I'm not usually one to chase after omens, but this is too weird to ignore.


  1. Incidentally, your allergy meds probably -do- moonlight as a flying ointment. Some antihistamines have an anticholinergic effect, an effect shared by Atropine, who's major plant sources are Mandrake, Belladonna, Henbane and Datura...*double-thumbsup!*

  2. LOL! I love it when the otherworld smacks you over the head instead of using subtlety, it's so much more fun!

  3. FYI, Inanna has decided to be precocious. At this point, she's less of a pet and more of a challenge.

    But who loves a challenge? I do! (Grinds teeth, smiles for the cameras.)

  4. So,

    Freudianly Herpetelogical dreams?! I have GOT to try out that incense recipe you gave me... or develop the right kind of allergies...

    On a serious note, have you been doing any deep work with the land or nature spirits in your area?! I know in some folklore the more primal spirits of the Land are associated with Serpents... then of course there IS your namesake, was it just a name or have you made overtures to Him?


    PS- Then too it could be that THE Veles is mackin' on the Horned God's Bear Catamite...


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