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Full Moon Musings

"Witches today waste much time on unnecessary matters.  You think these things important, but they are trivialities.  Look to Witchdom for your answers.  Do not mix up East with West and end nowhere.  Toledo held many mysteries that you seek.  But do not stuff your heads with book-learning.  Get down to practice.  It is easier to sit reading a book than it is to practise; but reading books nourishes only the thinking mind.  It is the Inner Mind that needs to feel its own strength.  Dip into the Pool of Memory and find treasure."

"When the full moon is out, you can come close to Witchdom.  The rays of the moon have power, when they bathe the earth with its light.  It is the window, in more ways than one.  You too can see through the window."

- John Brakespeare Recorded in The Rebirth of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente

Tonight my altar is red; red with fire, red wine in my wine-cup, and bread sprinkled with wine.  I will make offerings to the Old Lass and the WitchFather …

Experience Trumps Assumption

I haven't posted anything overly thoughtful or provocative in a while.  I've sat with myself and thought "Obviously you have more to say.  Why aren't you saying it?  Why don't you grow a pair and tear into the forces of stupidity and entitlement that have turned Pagan Craft into a punchline?" 

Because I've been too busy practicing Witchcraft, courting the Mysteries as best as I can navigating with only my own study and intuition as my guide.  I've had a lot of portentous dreams over the last few years, bolts from the blue, and shivvers up my spine from coming into the presence of Them.  I'm a Seeker, I've made some contacts, and I'm tending the garden that is my Craft. 

The Pagan Movement has always been rife with conflict, disagreement about praxis, and schism.  Shit happens, people suck, and there's always going to be a Martin Luther in the group. 

Not my battle, and I don't have to try to fix anything or point out where peopl…