Full Moon Musings

"Witches today waste much time on unnecessary matters.  You think these things important, but they are trivialities.  Look to Witchdom for your answers.  Do not mix up East with West and end nowhere.  Toledo held many mysteries that you seek.  But do not stuff your heads with book-learning.  Get down to practice.  It is easier to sit reading a book than it is to practise; but reading books nourishes only the thinking mind.  It is the Inner Mind that needs to feel its own strength.  Dip into the Pool of Memory and find treasure."

"When the full moon is out, you can come close to Witchdom.  The rays of the moon have power, when they bathe the earth with its light.  It is the window, in more ways than one.  You too can see through the window."

- John Brakespeare
Recorded in The Rebirth of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente

Tonight my altar is red; red with fire, red wine in my wine-cup, and bread sprinkled with wine.  I will make offerings to the Old Lass and the WitchFather using this Witch's Blessing and I will drink in Their name.

And then, I will look through the window. 


  1. Wonderful Full Moon plan (no surprises, there ... you're good at this!)

  2. *blush*

    Thank you! I have good role models.

  3. What a wonderful, poetic entry and how very apt! I'm glad you love Valiente's writings as much as I do. And it's so true, as well....indeed, I have the tendency to get bogged down too much in books, and not enough in practice. I'll take this as a sign that I need to get to work.


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