"When we become Wiccans, that isn't the end of our religious exploration, but (if we choose) the beginning.  I see a lot of people nowadays who choose to call themselves Wiccan, but who do not seem to be changing themselves in any way.  They seem to view finding the right label to describe themselves as the goal of their spiritual quest.  Once they acquire the label "Wiccan," they breathe a sigh of relief and are done.  They maintain the same values and beliefs as they had before, just under a new name." 


  1. I've seen that a lot too. I have no idea what I consider myself and I don't think I'll ever really figure it out. For now I'm content with exploring the universe. We'll see where it takes me :)

  2. So true. Seems to me that, too often, people just carry over their former beliefs, slap a Goddess in there, and suddenly declare themselves "Wiccan." In reality of course Wicca is so much more than that. There's never a point where you're "done" and have nothing new to learn or progress to make.

  3. It should be noted that real change takes time, and internal effort can not always be viewed from afar.

    Otherwise: agreed.

  4. I think this actually applies to a lot of religious adherents and religions. People just want a name, group or title to associate themselves with.

  5. I think one of the challenges for Wicca, Religious Witchcraft, and Paganism / Neo-Paganism in general is that they are all still mostly religions of conversion.... it is my observation and experience that there are a fair number of people who are running away-from their religions of origin... which rarely seems to be the same thing as running-to Paganism/Witchcraft/Wicca...

    We really need t-shirts or signs or something...

    "You are more than welcome to practice Witchcraft and Paganism as a part of your religious and spiritual journey, but please sort through your baggage first! You might not really need everything you've got packed in there!"

    ...maybe a tasteful throw-pillow or altar cozy?


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