Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Mark Of The Beast

Yesterday I was helping out at my aunt's ranch.  She's recooperating from a broken wrist, and she needed someone to haul the hay for her.  Being the uber-butch He-Man-Witch that I am, naturally I was her first choice. 

Being of a complexion commonly called Vampiric, I took the usual precautions for going out of doors, but I ended up with a sunburn on my cheeks and a few patches where I burned through my shirt.

There is currently, at the center of my chest, a one-inch wide pentagram sunburned into my skin, right next to my pentagram/burning heart tattoo.

If Witch Hunters come to examine me in the next few days, I'm totally fucked. 


  1. Should they come with their torches and pitchforks and crosses, there is but one remedy: flee deep into the forest! The sheltering arms of the slumbering Elms will shield you from all danger.


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