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Having had a lot of downtime without all of my usual distractions (several months with no facebook will do that to you), I've been spending a lot of time deepening my Craft practice and spending time with my various tarot decks, working to rebuild my level of comfort with divination.

For whatever reason, I have a block when it comes to divination.  Other forms of sorcery I can dive right into, stuff that others would stay pretty far away from.  Necromancy?  Bring it on!  Nasty curses?  I'll bring the goofer dust!  But when friends find themselves in need of a reading...I put up the walls and recite a long list of reasons for why I just couldn't possibly do it.

Which is silly.  And only further sets one up for failure.  I'm a Scorpio with a Leo rising.  We hate to fail.

I've had a handful of good readings in the past year, from Witches I love and trust, and a whole lot of bad ones from people in occult shops who charged $40 to tell me what I wanted to hear.  I've given readings that have blown my mind.  Frighteningly so.  So why the block?

I suppose it's the Mercurial nature of the art that causes me to be so mistrustfull of it. 

But I've been having long chats with Dame Fate and Mr. Hermes, taking trips to the crossroads, sleeping with my cards at night, and saying "Yes" to those who seek my counsel. 

I find that having a glass of Strega before and during makes all the difference!


  1. Aaah strega ... (insert fond memories here).

    Rather mind-boggingly, it's effects are quite different when taken in a circle, as an elixer to infuse you with the Diviner's Light.

    Although it's damn fine out of circle, too! ((Laughing))

  2. My advice:

    lay down the cards and instead of getting too worried about doing it right, or starting in a certain sequence or with the first position in the spread - rather look at what is is the most obviously being suggested on the table there. Start talking about that. Once you start talking and there is flow then you are able to begin connecting it to the rest of the spread.

    I have found its about establishing that rapport and flow first. Also, coming to the table with a kind of nonchalance of "lets see what happens". This sets the client at ease too, and takes the pressure off of you. Not every reading can or will be mind blowing. Some are a bit cryptic because the client is a weird place, others are so glaringly obvious that the cards seem to be saying what is already known. This is then just a validation or confirmation that what they knew already - is in fact the truth.

    The trick really is to bring a spontaneity to it, let the reading be what it is, and not to overcomplicate it for yourself or for them.

  3. I find that a (very) small bit of alcohol before a reading helps me too, making it easier to simply sink into the flow of a reading, instead of fighting off my perfectionist urges throughout the entire process.


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