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Pagan Ejaculations

No, no, no, get your head out of the gutter!

Ejaculations, for those not familiar with unfortunately named practices of Catholicism, are short prayers that are repeated throughout the day.  You can think of them as being like coins dropped in a swear jar, because you get bonus points with Big Y for saying them.

Examples of ejaculations would be "Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea!" or"Oh Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner" or "Hail Holy Queen!"  It's fun, especially since they are often uttered in times of annoyance and in practice are used in place of other choice words not usually used in polite society.  So whenever someone, especially a Southern Catholic Lady says "Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea!" she's really saying Fuck.  A lot.
So if you are utterly stressed because your mother in law is criticizing your housekeeping skills and the cat just relieved herself in the soup, you can say "Jesus Christ, Have Mercy!"  A…

One Foot In The Cauldron, One Foot On The Goat

Happy Equinox Witches!
If you aren't gearing up for the fun Halloween movie season by watching "The Dark Secret of Harvest Home", well, you should be! 

Pretty Pictures

We all know the power that aesthetics have in magic.

We furnish our temples, decorate our altars, dress (or undress), and burn incenses that, on some level, create an aesthetic shift from the mundane to the sacred.  And while, objectively, you're still standing naked in your living room, you've turned the living roomOff and turned Temple Between The WorldsOn.

I sometimes find myself musing on how much the aesthetics are the magic.  I've thought about this a lot over the years, going from doing pretty shoddily staged plays in high school to fabulously done theatricals in college.  Believe me, it helps your performance when you are wearing a real straightjacket and fighting with swords that could in fact kill someone.

I believe this is true when it comes to magical tools. 

I started thinking about this again when I was reading cards for my friend Sardonicus.  I've been yapping about the cards alot lately, since that's been the focus of most of my magical work for th…