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My friends have been engaged in a book club, which matters of schedule and the annoyances of life prevented me from attending.  I'm madder than a box of shaken snakes about that.  But I read the relevant chapter on the day of discussion and considered the questions on the Evil Minion's Trothwy was kind enough to email me.

As if my life couldn't be *more* obsessed with this book than it has been for nearly twenty years, I enjoyed jumping back in it, knowing that my beloved friends were doing the same.

This book and I go way back.  It gave a very young would-be Witch everything he could possibly want in a "paperback, primer for Witches"; love spells, invocations, recipes, methods for conjuring demons, curses invoking the Devil, secret jewelry and Witch Signs.  I Fucking Loved It.

But, it flavored my disposition.  It made me something of an elitist, and incredibly judgmental about what "my people" sometimes get up to, or make broad statements about what …

The Mighty Dead

For a variety of reasons, the idea of "ancestors" is a weird one for me.  I suppose it's a natural condition of being adopted.  I haven't a clue about my ancestors of blood, and only a few adopted ancestors I care to remember at all.

But I always find myself thinking about our departed Witches on Samhain, and where we would be (or if we would be) were it not for their efforts.