The Mighty Dead

For a variety of reasons, the idea of "ancestors" is a weird one for me.  I suppose it's a natural condition of being adopted.  I haven't a clue about my ancestors of blood, and only a few adopted ancestors I care to remember at all.

But I always find myself thinking about our departed Witches on Samhain, and where we would be (or if we would be) were it not for their efforts.


  1. This time of year always makes me think about the departed. While I have lost a few close family members, I have also lost my two best friends, and one of the reasons I enjoy the Samhain season so much is because this is the time I think they are closest to me, and can be most easily experienced.

    Likewise, I also think about our late Witch trailblazers, one of which (Doreen Valiente)I'll be honouring during my Samhain workings.

  2. I tend to use the terms Beloved and Honored Dead, since I don't know much of my own Ancestors... but They don't seem to mind...


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