More Tales From The Witches

Evn: "Every coven she approached told her she needed to do some work on herself first, and she interpreted that as a rejection.  She seemed to like being rejected.  She was stuck in that headspace of being a victim."

Me: "That way she never has to look at herself and accept that anything is ever her fault."

Evn: "Exactly!"

Me: "Fast forward ten years, and she's got a lot of Silver RavenWolf books and is married to a man in prison."

Evn: *making the noise one makes when having an aneurysm followed by lots of scream-laughing*

I think I won that round.


  1. Hi there, just stumbled upon your Blog through Forrest Grove, and I have been cackling away all afternoon, much to the bemusement of the boyfriend.

    Your sense of humor and opinions are fantastic, and I'm making my way back through all your posts now. Seriously - the Silver Ravenwolf comment? GOLD! (Though I have a sneaking suspicion I have one of her 'books' floating around here somewhere...

    Starting up my own Blog now about my own journey, and wondering if you'd mind terribly if I borrowed that awful Pagan meme you did not to long ago so I can use it as a first post?

    Cheers, Grant

  2. Thank you so much! I'm truly honored.

    Please feel free to borrow the meme!


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