Friday, November 2, 2012

Are you there, Mighty Dead? It's me, Veles!

Today I received a wrong number phone call from a pleasant voiced man who identified himself as Alex Gardner.

I wasn't the person he was trying to call, but he wished me a "Blessed Day" anyhow.

Never let it be said The Mighty Dead lack a sense of humor.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wicca: A Spanx Free Religion

Are you a Wiccan with serious misgivings about your practice?  Do your gods feel like empty shells you just can't relate to?  Does that Druidry dress feel so much more comfortable, even though you have your heart set on this pair of Wiccan jeans you know you won't be able to button?  Are you sad and depressed that your initiator had a false lineage?  Are you having to yank, and push, and stretch, and pull, and alter everything about Wicca to make it fit?  

Step right up folks, because I have the solution to all your Wiccan problems.

Walk away from it.

No, really.  Seriously.  For the love of all that is holy, just drop it already.

In the ever-widening circus tent that is the modern occult movement, there are lots of outfits.  Hellenic frocks, Traddie Snuggies, Thelemic Thongs, Cabot Caftans, Feri Sparkly Shawls, Satanic Hot Pants, and even, unfortunately, some people running around in bathrobes.

If Wicca fits, and it does fabulously for a lot of people, it will fit as easily as your own naked skin does.  (See what I did there?)

If it doesn't, hey, that's not a bad thing.  Wicca isn't the gold standard of Paganism.  Hell, it's not even the gold standard of witchcraft.  (Hint:  There are no gold standards)  I'm willing to bet that one of those other outfits will probably make you look your absolute best.  You also, depending upon skill and resources, have the option to make your own.  Just please don't try to pass it off as Prada and start selling reproductions to your friends.  It's tacky.

Because I'm generous, I'll share a super mystical secret with you.  A secret you won't find in any published sources.  A secret that will save you from an awful lot of heartache and stress for the rest of your life.

If you have to constantly struggle to make it work, it never will.  

It's true of relationships.  It's true of religions.  It's true of just about everything.

So here's the challenge:  bag up those Wiccan jeans that don't fit, and that you never quite liked anyhow, and toss them.  For a lark, go try on the most crazy, outlandish thing you can find, and pick the outfit that suits you best.

But please stop blaming Wicca because it doesn't fit you.

It doesn't need to change to accommodate you.  You need to change your assessment of your religious outlook and needs.

If you can manage that, and I'm certain that all legitimate religious seekers can, everyone will be a whole lot better off.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I posted a little rant today on Twitter, which a few people seemed to like.  They liked it so much it's made the rounds beyond Twitter.  So, for those of you still reading this thing, here it is:

"When reconstructionists, ATR’s, Druids, etc. demand excellence, study and authenticity, we praise them for maintaining the integrity of their tradition. When Witches do the same, we get hate mail and the pathetic whining of wanna-be’s who’d rather practice Bullshit than Witchcraft.”

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eddie Buczynski

Eddie Buczynski and Herman Slater entered my consciousness as a very young Witch.  So many roads of modern Craft lead to and from that shop.  I'm just old enough to have sent for a catalog from the shop before it closed.  Herman was a bit of a media darling, and you can easily find photos and video footage of him with only a slight google search.

Information about Eddie is scarce.  Or was, until Bull of Heaven was published just recently.  I haven't read it yet, but I'm dying to.  It will be my next treat for myself.  

In the past week, a lot of articles have been appearing across the pagan web about Eddie and the book.  There's a great one here at The Juggler.  And another from The New York Times.

I've never felt much that my Craft needed to be about my sexuality.  But I've always regarded those many homosexual male Witches who have gone before as personal ancestors, sources of strength and pride to look to for guidance and inspiration.  I rely more and more on the strength and power of that particular tribe these days.

I am thankful that Eddie's story is no longer one clouded in mystery.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Gerald

Today would have been Gerald's 128th birthday.

Today I'll be reading Gerald Gardner: Witch attributed to Jack Bracelin though widely believed to have been written by Idries Shah.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hey! I really like your jewelry!

The standard phrase of recognition between those of us in "the community" when you happen to be wearing some standard Wiccan fob out in public.  I generally do.  Sometimes a chaste pentacle necklace or ring.  Sometimes something a bit more in your face like my Angel Heart ring.  Sometimes I'm bedecked in Cthulhu.

I almost always bump into a fellow co-religionist when wearing said jewelry, and the response is always the same.

"Hey, I really like your jewelry!"

I've heard it in bookstores, grocery stores, even at the post office.  A way for one general Paganish person to acknowledge another general Paganish person.

I only ever manage a polite thank you and a smile before going back to my business.  I don't really care for being approached by strangers in public and I hate small talk with people on line at the store.  Sometimes I'm jealous of extroverts.

But in an effort to be more open minded and more outgoing, I'm going to do my best to strike up a conversation the next time this happens.

Maybe I'll make a new friend.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I hope you all had a vigorous shimmy 'round the maypole or the phallic symbol of your choice.  Though I'm a dark half of the year kinda guy, I love the energy of Beltane.

I didn't realize how much I needed it, and how much stagnation I was carrying around with me, until I celebrated Beltane with the coven.  You can read an account of that here at Trothwy's blog..

This weekend I'll be attending Cinco de Mayfest put on by Black Berry Circle.  Gotta love Texas!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hints From Hertha: Funked Up Mortar

Gosh it's been a long time since I've done a Hint From Hertha.  I suppose it's because I haven't sumbled upon any new awesome tips that I didn't think were basic common sense.  But the "common" in that sense is sometimes anything but.

So I give you not one, but TWO, ways of cleaning up those funked up mortars.  You've probably struggled to clean up resin stickiness or the residue from various oils and herbs.  I certainly have.  Getting myrrh off of something can be a right pain in the Devil's Buttocks.

So here ya go...

1.  Fill your mortar about 3/4 of the way with regular table salt.  Add a bit of the soap you use for washing dishes. I prefer Dawn.  Grind up the salt and soap with the pestle and let it set for a bit.  You might need to regrind once more if the funk is pretty funky.  Rinse.  You'll find your mortar squeaky clean with no linger herb/oil smells.

2. Grind up dry eggshells.  Works on the same principle as the salt and will remove any stickiness.  You'll just have to clean out the eggshell residue when you are done.  The downside is that's an added clean up you have to do.  The upside is you'll have cascarilla powder, unless you don't want whatever was funking up your mortar mixed in with that.

Two easy methods, but I vote for going with the first one.  Unless you share my OCD quirks and actually *enjoy* extra cleaning projects.

Happy Scrubbing!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

She writes the songs...and she's gonna hex you

I made a personal vow that I would stay as far away as possible from the discussion around transgender inclusion/Dianic separatism at Pantheacon, at least as far as this blog is concerned, and I have kept that vow.

Z Budapest is not my elder.  She is not a player in my religion.  Her Goddess spirituality is just that, Goddess spirituality, and a fine thing it is for what it is and who it is for.  But it's not Wicca and I'm rather happy to make the distinction.  Wicca worships a God in partnership with a Goddess.  There are men.  There are High Priests.  You cannot subtract the meat from the meatloaf and try to tell Great Aunt Mildred it's the same.

But now that Z Budapest has issued a curse on any who would use her now ubiquitous song "We all come from the Goddess" to praise men or male gods, I feel compelled to comment.

That rather tired song has been around for decades.  Likewise, the "Hoof and Horn" chant that usually follows it and the various "We all come from the Horned God/Sun God/etc" versions have been around just as long.  You can date some of them back to the earliest Pagan festivals in the 1980's.

Surely, three decades later, the fact that her song has been used and added to in this way cannot be news to her.  The fact that this pronouncement follows on the tails of Pantheacon's decision not to allow exclusive events as part of the main program is not lost on this Witch, and I don't need my tarot deck to see this clearly.

It is deeply sad that the remaining years of her legacy and life will be marked not by her work, but by her bitterness and hatred.  To even jest of issuing curses on those who have loved a song for nearly 40 years, who have sung it to their children, have found comfort in it's words, smacks of blasphemy

Personally, I'd rather we all drop the song.  I can think of no better way to deal with a cursed object than to turn it back on the person who made it.

But really, the only curse is Z herself.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Grimoire Musings

Do you think the shift between Handed Down Craft to DIY Craft plays a role in the trouble people seem to have in writing down their personal books?


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sybil Leek on Kreskin

I seem to have moved on from bitching about silly people to finding rare old occult clips on the interwebs and sharing them with people I think might enjoy them.

I really love me some Sybil Leek.  I bet she was a hoot to have at parties and enjoy a nice bit of gossip with.

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