Sybil Leek on Kreskin

I seem to have moved on from bitching about silly people to finding rare old occult clips on the interwebs and sharing them with people I think might enjoy them.

I really love me some Sybil Leek.  I bet she was a hoot to have at parties and enjoy a nice bit of gossip with.


  1. I love Sybil Leek, too. I came across this clip a while back and was simply over the Moon with excitement. I was in Houston this past weekend, and was wondering about the location of her restaurant and home, too. If you ever find the answer, to let us know!

  2. Dude, I've been searching for her restaurant's location for YEARS. This is going to require teamwork: Compatriot powers activate!

  3. I was in her New Forest town of Burley the other week. Great place.


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