Hints From Hertha: Funked Up Mortar

Gosh it's been a long time since I've done a Hint From Hertha.  I suppose it's because I haven't sumbled upon any new awesome tips that I didn't think were basic common sense.  But the "common" in that sense is sometimes anything but.

So I give you not one, but TWO, ways of cleaning up those funked up mortars.  You've probably struggled to clean up resin stickiness or the residue from various oils and herbs.  I certainly have.  Getting myrrh off of something can be a right pain in the Devil's Buttocks.

So here ya go...

1.  Fill your mortar about 3/4 of the way with regular table salt.  Add a bit of the soap you use for washing dishes. I prefer Dawn.  Grind up the salt and soap with the pestle and let it set for a bit.  You might need to regrind once more if the funk is pretty funky.  Rinse.  You'll find your mortar squeaky clean with no linger herb/oil smells.

2. Grind up dry eggshells.  Works on the same principle as the salt and will remove any stickiness.  You'll just have to clean out the eggshell residue when you are done.  The downside is that's an added clean up you have to do.  The upside is you'll have cascarilla powder, unless you don't want whatever was funking up your mortar mixed in with that.

Two easy methods, but I vote for going with the first one.  Unless you share my OCD quirks and actually *enjoy* extra cleaning projects.

Happy Scrubbing!


  1. Another suggestion, especially for greasy or resiny things, is coke. Seriously - it's basically an acid. My mother used to soak my father's grease-stained overalls in coke and it would eat the grease away to nothing. It got pine-sap out of my morta too!

    Just don't think about what drinking it does to your body, and you'll be fine :P


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