She writes the songs...and she's gonna hex you

I made a personal vow that I would stay as far away as possible from the discussion around transgender inclusion/Dianic separatism at Pantheacon, at least as far as this blog is concerned, and I have kept that vow.

Z Budapest is not my elder.  She is not a player in my religion.  Her Goddess spirituality is just that, Goddess spirituality, and a fine thing it is for what it is and who it is for.  But it's not Wicca and I'm rather happy to make the distinction.  Wicca worships a God in partnership with a Goddess.  There are men.  There are High Priests.  You cannot subtract the meat from the meatloaf and try to tell Great Aunt Mildred it's the same.

But now that Z Budapest has issued a curse on any who would use her now ubiquitous song "We all come from the Goddess" to praise men or male gods, I feel compelled to comment.

That rather tired song has been around for decades.  Likewise, the "Hoof and Horn" chant that usually follows it and the various "We all come from the Horned God/Sun God/etc" versions have been around just as long.  You can date some of them back to the earliest Pagan festivals in the 1980's.

Surely, three decades later, the fact that her song has been used and added to in this way cannot be news to her.  The fact that this pronouncement follows on the tails of Pantheacon's decision not to allow exclusive events as part of the main program is not lost on this Witch, and I don't need my tarot deck to see this clearly.

It is deeply sad that the remaining years of her legacy and life will be marked not by her work, but by her bitterness and hatred.  To even jest of issuing curses on those who have loved a song for nearly 40 years, who have sung it to their children, have found comfort in it's words, smacks of blasphemy

Personally, I'd rather we all drop the song.  I can think of no better way to deal with a cursed object than to turn it back on the person who made it.

But really, the only curse is Z herself.


  1. Veles

    Wanted to give a grand Thanks for expressing a lot of what I have been feeling in such an elegant and graceful way. I am in the SF Bay Area and the HPS of my coven is one of Z's "daughters" - though she recently left that lineage. Being the only HP in our coven at this time, and the leader of the men's full moon circles, find the loss of this song (or the Sun God version actually) particularly heartbreaking. But leaving it behind is what we need to do.

    Just as we need to leave behind short-sightedness and bigotry in any and all of its forms.


  2. It's a little late, but wow. You would think someone such as herself would realize what bigotry is. Sad. She has no right to "curse" anyone.


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