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Hey! I really like your jewelry!

The standard phrase of recognition between those of us in "the community" when you happen to be wearing some standard Wiccan fob out in public.  I generally do.  Sometimes a chaste pentacle necklace or ring.  Sometimes something a bit more in your face like my Angel Heart ring.  Sometimes I'm bedecked in Cthulhu.

I almost always bump into a fellow co-religionist when wearing said jewelry, and the response is always the same.

"Hey, I really like your jewelry!"

I've heard it in bookstores, grocery stores, even at the post office.  A way for one general Paganish person to acknowledge another general Paganish person.

I only ever manage a polite thank you and a smile before going back to my business.  I don't really care for being approached by strangers in public and I hate small talk with people on line at the store.  Sometimes I'm jealous of extroverts.

But in an effort to be more open minded and more outgoing, I'm going to do my best to strike up…


I hope you all had a vigorous shimmy 'round the maypole or the phallic symbol of your choice.  Though I'm a dark half of the year kinda guy, I love the energy of Beltane.

I didn't realize how much I needed it, and how much stagnation I was carrying around with me, until I celebrated Beltane with the coven.  You can read an account of that here at Trothwy's blog..

This weekend I'll be attending Cinco de Mayfest put on by Black Berry Circle.  Gotta love Texas!