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Eddie Buczynski

Eddie Buczynski and Herman Slater entered my consciousness as a very young Witch.  So many roads of modern Craft lead to and from that shop.  I'm just old enough to have sent for a catalog from the shop before it closed.  Herman was a bit of a media darling, and you can easily find photos and video footage of him with only a slight google search.
Information about Eddie is scarce.  Or was, until Bull of Heaven was published just recently.  I haven't read it yet, but I'm dying to.  It will be my next treat for myself.  
In the past week, a lot of articles have been appearing across the pagan web about Eddie and the book.  There's a great one here at The Juggler.  And another from The New York Times.
I've never felt much that my Craft needed to be about my sexuality.  But I've always regarded those many homosexual male Witches who have gone before as personal ancestors, sources of strength and pride to look to for guidance and inspiration.  I rely more and more …