I posted a little rant today on Twitter, which a few people seemed to like.  They liked it so much it's made the rounds beyond Twitter.  So, for those of you still reading this thing, here it is:

"When reconstructionists, ATR’s, Druids, etc. demand excellence, study and authenticity, we praise them for maintaining the integrity of their tradition. When Witches do the same, we get hate mail and the pathetic whining of wanna-be’s who’d rather practice Bullshit than Witchcraft.”


  1. Yep.

    And heavens forbid that a Witch then uses their study and knowledge of authenticity to say, "No, that's Witchcrap, not Witchcraft." Then you're a big meanie poo-poo head.

    Why the Craft is still so resistant to critical thought and scholarship is beyond me. No, not everything can be written down. There's some things that can't even be explained. But there's plenty that can and has been documented, and why so many are so opposed to sifting through the wealth of information that we have available is, again, beyond me.


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