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Wicca: A Spanx Free Religion

Are you a Wiccan with serious misgivings about your practice?  Do your gods feel like empty shells you just can't relate to?  Does that Druidry dress feel so much more comfortable, even though you have your heart set on this pair of Wiccan jeans you know you won't be able to button?  Are you sad and depressed that your initiator had a false lineage?  Are you having to yank, and push, and stretch, and pull, and alter everything about Wicca to make it fit?  

Step right up folks, because I have the solution to all your Wiccan problems.

Walk away from it.

No, really.  Seriously.  For the love of all that is holy, just drop it already.

In the ever-widening circus tent that is the modern occult movement, there are lots of outfits.  Hellenic frocks, Traddie Snuggies, Thelemic Thongs, Cabot Caftans, Feri Sparkly Shawls, Satanic Hot Pants, and even, unfortunately, some people running around in bathrobes.

If Wicca fits, and it does fabulously for a lot of people, it will fit as easily as…