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These witches of today have it lucky.

When I was first starting, the books told you where you could (sort of) find incense charcoal, but not how to use them. You had to burn your fingers a few times and singe the cat before you finally figured it out.


Hundreds of videos on YouTube demonstrating how to light them and use them safely.


Dr. E Memorial Fund

A memorial fund has been set up in honor of Hyperion. 

Dr. E Memorial Fund
From the website:

The world lost a beloved Elder and teacher yesterday; Eddy Gutierrez, an incredibly well known and respected Santero, Conjure man, and educator, passed into his next journey in a massive cardiac event. While we know that Eddy himself is not suffering, he leaves behind his beloved mother, sister, and partner. 
Eddy did so much for so many communities; Lukumi, hoodoo/conjure, the Minoan Brotherhood, the Unnamed Path, and served as a pillar of knowledge and strength.
It now falls to our communities to aid Eddy's family in their time of need; final costs and rituals are an expense nobody is ever truly prepared for, and Eddy's family needs our support. Please give what you can; all proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to Eddy's mom and partner to help them in this time.
Please consider making a donation.

Rev. Hyperion 1976-2014

A friend and amazing spiritual teacher passed away today 14 January 2014 of a cardiac event. He was 38 years old.

Those in the Pagan community might have known him as Hyperion from his work with The Unnamed Path or his rootworker business where he was known as Dr. E.

I only spent time with him in person once, when he was visiting Houston and I was still living there. We dished and drank and bonded over a similar tattoo we both had. He told me my mohawk was adorable. After that, we interacted on Facebook here and there.

I never sought training in The Unnamed Path, but his writings and podcast were tremendously healing for me and continue to be a source of strength and comfort. I regret now that I never got to be his student in this life.

My thoughts are with his partner Clayton, his family, friends and the Brothers of The Unnamed Path.

May the Ancestors welcome him and may perpetual light shine on him forever.

You can read the write up at The Wild Hunt here.

Waxing Petulant

Of all the many signs and omens a wise Witch learns to look out for, none is so delicious as the one which reads:

"Candles and all candle accessories - 50 % off"
So you find yourself with the large shopping basket picking out altar pillars, votives, and short tapers perfect for spell work. You make sure you have several of every color - though the rat bastards are out of yellow and never carry anything orange - because at fifty cents a candle it's good to stock up.
The thing that I have noticed, after over a decade spent in the woo, that when a guy like me is buying a huge amount of candles or incense in a normal, mundane store - people are going to notice. They are going to stare. The store associates might look in your basket and ask if you need any assistance. People are going to ask questions.
It was even the subject of my first blog entry.
So there I was in a black wool sweater and a tie - most conservative - with nary a pentacle in sight when I was stopped by a grou…

Are you there, blogosphere? It's me, Veles.

I swore up and down I was done with this.

Hit the delete button and everything. Twice. Three times, maybe.

It is an odd thing to be a person inclined towards writing, even preferring the written word over actual face to face interaction, and having no desire to write.

So, whats new? Is blogging even a thing anymore? Has Tumblr finally won out? What's new with you?

What's new with me, you ask?

Well, here we are, barely a week into the secular New Year, and I'm not entirely amused with the weather. I had the flu for the first time ever and managed to survive with both my sanity and complexion unwrecked. I started a new job last year, was promoted fairly quickly, and love it. I got through my Saturn Return with no obvious damage. I turned 29. I realized how much bullshit I carried around and let attach itself to me during the last ten years and was oh so happy to see it all burn away and be purified.

I'm still a Witch without a coven or an in person Pagan community but I …