Rev. Hyperion 1976-2014

A friend and amazing spiritual teacher passed away today 14 January 2014 of a cardiac event. He was 38 years old.

Those in the Pagan community might have known him as Hyperion from his work with The Unnamed Path or his rootworker business where he was known as Dr. E.

I only spent time with him in person once, when he was visiting Houston and I was still living there. We dished and drank and bonded over a similar tattoo we both had. He told me my mohawk was adorable. After that, we interacted on Facebook here and there.

I never sought training in The Unnamed Path, but his writings and podcast were tremendously healing for me and continue to be a source of strength and comfort. I regret now that I never got to be his student in this life.

My thoughts are with his partner Clayton, his family, friends and the Brothers of The Unnamed Path.

May the Ancestors welcome him and may perpetual light shine on him forever.

You can read the write up at The Wild Hunt here.


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