Waxing Petulant

Of all the many signs and omens a wise Witch learns to look out for, none is so delicious as the one which reads:

"Candles and all candle accessories - 50 % off"

So you find yourself with the large shopping basket picking out altar pillars, votives, and short tapers perfect for spell work. You make sure you have several of every color - though the rat bastards are out of yellow and never carry anything orange - because at fifty cents a candle it's good to stock up.

The thing that I have noticed, after over a decade spent in the woo, that when a guy like me is buying a huge amount of candles or incense in a normal, mundane store - people are going to notice. They are going to stare. The store associates might look in your basket and ask if you need any assistance. People are going to ask questions.

It was even the subject of my first blog entry.

So there I was in a black wool sweater and a tie - most conservative - with nary a pentacle in sight when I was stopped by a group of women who were browsing the same candle section.

Woman 1: "Are you going to some kind of party?"

Me: "Excuse me?"

Woman 1: "All those candles? Why do you need....?"

Woman 2: "You know what he needs them for. Stop bothering people."

I'm not sure if they assumed I was a Witch or if I was going to go home and do some kind of S/M Wax thing.

I hope it was the latter.


  1. LOVE THIS. (just discovered this blog and clearly have been hitting 'older posts' for awhile now)


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