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Stinking Pretty For The Devil

"It smells like spicy oranges and a Christmas mass that's gone all Rosemary's Baby."

- how I just described one of my  incense blends

Books! More books!

I'm a huge fan of Rosemary Edghill's Bast novels, published in one volume titled "Bell, Book and Murder." Bast is a  Gardnerian HPS, a graphic artist by day and the Sam Spade of the Wica by night, who finds herself solving one murder mystery after another. 
The author has recently released all of her Bast short stories in one volume, Failure of Moonlight: The Collected Bast Shorter Works. I've collected the novels these short stories were previously published in, finding only the Bast stories to be of any interest to me. Having them in one collection makes me very happy.
Edghill has also release her novel  Met By Moonlight. A story of a modern day Witch and occult bookstore owner named Diana who, via a mysterious stranger and an antique grammerie,  finds herself swept away to the New Forest area of England circa 1647. You can read some excerpts here
I highly recommend them.