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More Light Reading


Occult Nostalgia

Finally got a copy of the first witch book I ever read. How this ended up in my local library is beyond me, but I'm glad it did. 
The Anatomy of Witchcraft by Peter Haining, published in 1972

Oooh spooky! 

Eleanor Bone and her coven of the left. Monique and Campbell Wilson on the right.

The Sanders coven. 

Team Big H

Last night I sat at my shrine for the first time in a while - I've been recovering from a back injury and all of my usual methods of ritual and devotion were physically impossible. I did my usual thing - incense, knives, rubbing witching oils into my statue of Hekate - and I just held Her and chanted Her names. I asked for guidance and made a promise - give me a sign of your favor or disapproval and I will do X. No dreams, no omens - just the most restful night of sleep I’ve had since my back went splodey. I sat down with my coffee and facebook and saw that Jeff Cullen of Jeff Cullen Artistry had a Hekate statue for sale.  I’ve wanted one forever and missed out recently on two occasions where I was outbid or someone beat me to it mid-purchase. I bought the statue. Looks’ like I’ve got some work to do.

If I read one more useless damn grimoire...

Knowing as many Occultists of various persuasions as I do, I’m always hearing them go on and on about the fabulous books they are reading. Grimoires that, as my mother would say, “knocks their dick in the dirt.” Occult philosophers and great minds who open the nature of reality and the universe open and…oh isn’t it all wonderful. FEEL TEH MAGICK! I end up reading these fabulous things and thinking “Jesus, get to the fucking point already.” Esotericism bores me. HGA’s and Kabbalah and True Will and all that stuff just…no. Even in the Witch department everything is either Pop-Wicca or re-worked Wicca calling itself “Traditional Witchcraft.” Is there such a thing as Occult Book Burnout?  Is there a support group for this? Bah!