If I read one more useless damn grimoire...

Knowing as many Occultists of various persuasions as I do, I’m always hearing them go on and on about the fabulous books they are reading. Grimoires that, as my mother would say, “knocks their dick in the dirt.” Occult philosophers and great minds who open the nature of reality and the universe open and…oh isn’t it all wonderful. FEEL TEH MAGICK!
I end up reading these fabulous things and thinking “Jesus, get to the fucking point already.”
Esotericism bores me. HGA’s and Kabbalah and True Will and all that stuff just…no. Even in the Witch department everything is either Pop-Wicca or re-worked Wicca calling itself “Traditional Witchcraft.”
Is there such a thing as Occult Book Burnout?  Is there a support group for this?


  1. By no means do I have an extensive occult library but I have been feeling this way for a few years now! Some topics go over my head and I was once ashamed to admit that but now I figure I'd rather spend my time focusing on things that I have a natural talent for instead of trying to be a witchy know it all

  2. I feel your pain. I'm going to write my own book called OPEN SOURCE MAGICK. No pretension just encouragement to figure it out yourself. Here is one of my blog posts that will eventually find it way into my book;

  3. Also you might try this:

  4. I have never personally learned much of anything about magic from books. There. I said it.

  5. I find some of the more scholarly books go over my head, truthfully they bore me. Now I tend to focus my reading efforts on topics that interest me and are of use to me for more than 10% of the time. It works much better that way and serves my interests and knowledge growth instead of trying to be, as IvySoultice said, a witchy know it all.


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