Seeking Redux

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

So goes the proverb. I think in some ways it's true. You send out a little ping to the universe saying "Here I am! Teach me!" and as dear Mr. Huson tells us, when you announce yourself to the unseen, something is bound to notice you.

Sometimes what notices you is awesome, and for me that is overwhelmingly true.

I started this blog around the time that I started actively seeking a coven to work with - something that in rural Texas is not exactly easy - but can be done. As luck would have it, I found some folks, and they practiced the tradition I was interested in. I went to some open circles and loved the rituals. I eventually moved to where they were located and asked for training and was accepted. For reasons that have nothing to do with them and everything to do with me and where my life was at, that wasn't something that was going to happen at that time.

Two years, a Saturn return, and a lot of changes later, I'm still on my own and I still feel called to traditional Wicca and a traditional coven setting. And I still think the folks I was working with are damn awesome, I miss them terribly, and maybe one day I'll get to work with them again.

The irony is that I used to have lots of time on my hands - time to devote to nothing but Craft work. These days, I'm lucky to have a day off to catch up on laundry.

A few years ago I did a series of readings about all of this and a few candle workings. I had a dream where the black and white beasts from The Chariot (okay, unicorns in my deck, wannafightaboutit?) were blocking the entrance to a doorway - though the black one was on the right and the white one on the left. When I approached and asked if I could go through the door, the beasts (damn unicorns!) said "Yes, but not now."

"Yes, but not now."

Typical, but exactly what I needed.


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