What Dreams May Confound

I rubbed a little Divination oil on my forehead and pulse points and climbed into bed. I'm having "important dreams" on a more regular basis - having information not related to me show up in dreams that I'm able to verify later on.

Dream 1: I'm investigating some place that is completely covered in snow. Everything is frozen, including all of the local life. There are frozen people everywhere holding cardboard signs identifying who they are - on the off chance that someone would ever find them. I notice a woman and her companion are encased in a block of ice - cigarette in hand halfway to her lips. The exhale of smoke is frozen inside the ice. I find myself wondering how they managed to freeze to death if they have a lighter - surely they could have found something to burn.

(I blame this on having just recently seen the movie Frozen for the first time.)

Dream 2: A dead relative I've never met shows up again and asks me to pass on a message to my mother - her sister. I suggest she pass on the message herself, because my mother wouldn't hear that message coming from me.

(This has been recurring for the last two months. This relative died in 1967 and we are not related by blood. There are other family members who would be open to these kinds of dreams and could relay the message in a way that would be believed.)

I'm not prepared to have dead people showing up and giving me messages. I'm not even sure I "believe" that there is any postmortem survival of any kind, no matter what that Long Island Medium lady says.


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