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How Magic (Sometimes) Works


As a sign that ye be really free, ye shall hoard thy gods

No, I haven't gone insane and put everyone on a communal altar. I'm just cleaning the house.

7 Witchy Questions Tag

This is going around on YouTube. I found it via DrawingKenaz who got it via Ember HoneyRaven. I won’t even post selfies on tumblr, so I’m never going to make YouTube videos. So I’m going to do it here, because I’m bored and I like talking about myself! I originally posted this on Tumblr, but some people don't *do* Tumblr so I'm cross-posting here.  Play along, if you like. It's fun. 1. What is your biggest witchy disaster? That would be the time I tripped over the hem of the robe I used to wear and managed to fling the bowl of salt into my face, and thus, into my eyes.  That was the beginning of working skyclad. 2. What do you wish someone had told you as a new Witch? Oh god, here comes the hate mail! Again.  Pagans lie. Pagans make shit up. Pagans will quote the “Threefold law” or “The Rede” at people but often do pretty fucked up things to people in their lives. Paganism provides a pretty safe haven for people who need psychiatric treatment.  3. Biggest witchy pet peeves?

Hubris of a Witch

So, I got a first edition copy of Diary of a Witchby Sybil Leek. The acknowledgements page kills me!

" To my sons, Stephen and Julian, who understand the family tradition and so make it easy for me to be their mother and not merely a legend." "Not merely a legend" If Sybil Leek was around today, she would be trolling EVERYBODY!


Lammas. Loaf Mass. Lughnasadh. First Harvest. Whatever you may call it, I hope those of you celebrating have a happy one. Those of you not celebrating, have a happy Friday and an awesome weekend!