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This is going around on YouTube. I found it via DrawingKenaz who got it via Ember HoneyRaven.
I won’t even post selfies on tumblr, so I’m never going to make YouTube videos. So I’m going to do it here, because I’m bored and I like talking about myself! I originally posted this on Tumblr, but some people don't *do* Tumblr so I'm cross-posting here. 
Play along, if you like. It's fun.
1. What is your biggest witchy disaster?
That would be the time I tripped over the hem of the robe I used to wear and managed to fling the bowl of salt into my face, and thus, into my eyes. 
That was the beginning of working skyclad.
2. What do you wish someone had told you as a new Witch?
Oh god, here comes the hate mail! Again. 
Pagans lie. Pagans make shit up. Pagans will quote the “Threefold law” or “The Rede” at people but often do pretty fucked up things to people in their lives. Paganism provides a pretty safe haven for people who need psychiatric treatment. 
3. Biggest witchy pet peeves?
People who spell altar as “alter.” People who spell magic with a “k.” Anyone who ever quotes that shitty poem “The Rede of the Wiccae.” The autumn equinox being called “Mabon” and the summer solstice being called “Litha.” People who blame Gardner for things but who have never actually read his books. 
I should never be allowed to discuss things that bug me because the list is long
4. When did you first know there was something different about your spirituality?
By 84 my parents were Easter/Christmas/Weddings/Funerals Catholics. By 1990 they only went to church when an immediate family member died. I was not baptized. I received no religious education. I only have one memory of attending Mass as a kid. 
I had no real religious interests. When I found out people took Catholicism seriously I thought it was a joke. But I did like the sort of folk-Slavic-Catholicism that my paternal grandmother and aunts did at home with their BVM statues and novena candles.
My childhood interests in fairy tales witches and ooey-gooey eventually lead me to read about “real witches.” And when I read about a Goddess and a Horned God and circles and calling quarters and ritual knives…I was hooked. It’s the only religion I’ve ever practiced.
The Catholics should have used ritual knives if they wanted to keep me around. 
5. Best witchy book you’ve ever read?
I’ll copy Thorn here and say The Bast Novels by Rosemary Edghill. A friend of mine handed me "Bell, Book and Murder" when I first started seeking and I have never laughed so much reading a witchy related book. The in-jokes are hillarious and I will pay good money to find out who inspired the Khazar coven, Julien, and Beaner (who I wish was a stronger character.) 
6. Best witchy movie or tv show?
In 1996 I was “one of the weirdos” who dressed in black, was into art and literature and had weird tastes in just about everything living in BFE rural Texas outside of Waco. I also wore pentacles and ankhs and assorted other Kick-Me signs openly at school. 
So when The Craft came out, I was super happy to watch a movie about other disenfranchised teens who had great wardrobes and practiced Witchcraft.
The Craft will always be the answer. 
7. Have you ever doubted your Craft and what did you do about it?
Always. Not so much the praxis itself, but the woo and mysticism and ZOMG THE POWAH OF THE GAWDESS and invisible things talking to you shit gets more than a healthy dose of skepticism. 


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