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I’ve missed having a working altar so much. When my back went out in April, it simply wasn’t possible. I had things set up on shelves and a dresser which could accommodate the chair I had to sit on. It’s coming up on five months since my back surgery and I’m finally able to sit comfortably at my old altar.
I’m looking to get a piece of furniture that isn't that low, something with storage would be nice. But in the meantime…
I made the copper pentacle a few years ago from a copper plate found at an antique store. My ritual practice at the time (and largely still so, in a lot of ways) was based on the model the Farrar’s presented in A Witch’s Bible. I’ve always liked those set of symbols, so I used them. Copper is a fucking nightmare to keep looking nice, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you are a tidy freak like myself.
The brass censer is the one thing I have had the longest. The water bowl came from my parents kitchen, the salt dish was found at TJ Maxx - it has leaves engraved on the copper stripe around the center. The cup was a gift from a Witch friend in Houston. The owl figurine next to Himself was a little thing my Nana had - you can put a tealight in the back. I don’t remember how I ended up with the hagstone next to Herself. 
The statues are by Dryad Designs and I love them.

Blessed Be! 


  1. Hi Veles!

    Copper is a nightmare, isn't it? I've had a lot of luck with using ketchup on my athame to keep it looking nice. Yes. Ketchup. When I kept it out on my altar and exposed to air, I would smear ketchup on it once a week or so. It doesn't take a ton, just a thin, even coat, and it doesn't take very long to shine things up. I buff it a bit with my fingers, then with a clean cloth or sponge, then rinse everything off. It's easy enough, and helps avoid the nasty chemical cleaners.

    Also, I really enjoy cackling about "blood of the virgins" while I clean my athame. It's very graphic!

  2. Also, your altar is absolutely lovely!


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