Witchcraft Drinking Game

Every time a "traditional witchcraft" book starts out with "This is totes not Wicca omglol"

*take a shot*

Every time someone claims to practice some pre-Gardnerian form of Witchcraft but they can't cite any sources/people that predate Gardner

*take a shot*

For every mention of Isobel Gowdie, familiar spirits, toad bone rites, flying ointments or anything Cornish

*take a shot*

For every tradition of "traditional non-Wiccan witchcraft" that has God/Goddess/polytheism, eight seasonal holidays that are called sabbats, circles, full moon esbats, quarter calls, four elements, magic, and the same working tools mentioned in every Wicca book ever but oooh we have a stang omg totes traditional

*drink a gallon of the liquor of your choice*

At that point, you'll be able to successfully deal with other Witches or be too drunk to care or continue living.

Isn't Witchcraft fun?


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