The Witch Is Back!

Just when I complained that he wasn't writing anymore, he had to go and prove me wrong. Hie you hence, and say hello!

In other news: Spring finally arrived in Texas, after a real bastard of a winter. This year the equinox lined up with the new moon in Pisces and a solar eclipse. I'd like to tell you I lit a bonfire in the backyard and fed all of my concerns and issues from the past into the flame as the sun disappeared from view. I'd like to tell you I took a long cleansing bath and did the Water Spell For Emotional Hurts (from Lid Off The Cauldron by Patricia Crowther, seriously buy this book if you don't have it) to let the Moon take all of my feels into the great darkness. I'd like to tell you that as the moon waxed and the sun rose in Aries, I lit a candle to give power to all of my goals for the growing time of the year. 

I didn't do those things, but they sound like great ideas, right? Some of those things, the ones not tied to an astronomical event, might still happen. 

What did I do? I did all of my cleaning - the house, the car, internally - throughout the winter months so that come warmer weather, I would be ready to go. I got rid of a lot of stuff. I paid off all of my debt and banked enough overtime in the last few  months to equal my regular paychecks. I did all sorts of grown-up, mundane things to get my life in order and then I did a lot of cleansing, burned a lot of incense, and talked to the Gods a lot.

 I'm terrible at blogging these days. but you can find me on all sorts of other social media thingies where I'm a bit more active, should you be so interested.

I'm on Twitter, and I tweet almost daily. Veles @ Twitter

I'm on Tubmlr, which I hate for so many reasons.  Veles @ Tumblr

And since joining the 21st century and getting an iPhone, I'm also on Instagram.  Veles @ Instagram

I'm on Facebook too, but I'm not posting my legal name here.  :)

I want to get back to blogging this year, even if I have to write about my daily life just to have a subject matter.

I hope all of you out there are well and enjoying the turning of the seasons.


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