I might need to switch to decaf

My coworkers and I share a communal kitchen. There aren't enough lockers for everyone to have one, so I make use of a shared cabinet to store my coffee supplies. I don't mind if people use this stuff - sweet Caffeina knows that I understand someone needing a caffeine fix - but I seem to be the only person willing to buy things for everyone to use.

It's infuriating as hell to be in dire need of coffee only to find your coffee canister has been emptied and put back in the cabinet or that your box of sugar is empty but still in the motherfucking cabinet.

After carefully labeling all of my new boxes I rattled off a little rhyme, just like a fucking Charmed One, to counter further theft.

Just a bit of lighthearted fun, really. If any of my coworkers turn up bald, I'm going to start rhyming about the lottery next. 


  1. Hexing pricks that steal coffee? I like your style!

    But what if they're already going bald?

  2. Well, I did specify "all" of their hair. :)

  3. (aims Veles at her student loan servicers)


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