77 Witchy Community Tag Part Two

17. What are you feelings on raising kids in the craft?

I'm not a parent, I have no plans to ever be one, and my opinion on this is ultimately irrelevant. 

18. If you were a goddess or god, who would you be?

Being the Devil would be pretty cool 

19. Do you use astrology in your practice? In what ways?

Yes, in the sense that astrology permeates so much of the Western magical tradition. I will use planetary days/hours for a spell if I have the time on my hands to plan a working. I use astrological symbols and correspondences in workings. I use it in tarot, obviously. I have a slight interest in astrological charts but I only have a very slight understanding of astrology as a system unto itself. 

20. What if any ways could you practice dark magic and still respect the beliefs of Wicca?

What beliefs? Which version of Wicca? Are we talking about baneful workings? My understanding and practice of Wicca does not forbid "dark workings" or baneful magic. 

21. Do you have any witches in your family?


22. What item can you not witch without?

A Witch should be able to witch with anything, anywhere, anytime. I'd prefer to always have my blade in my hand when I witch. 

23. What is your favorite sabbat or time of year ritual?

I'm rather fond of the Big Four and I love Autumn and Spring. 

24. Have you ever had a YouTube burn out?

I don't YouTube. 

25. What is your fav witchy shop, and do they have an online store?

My favorite shops I have physically visited are Enchanted Forest in Ft. Worth and The Witchery in Galveston. My favorite shops I buy a lot of supplies from are Otherworld Apothecary and The Vodou Store. 

26. When buying witchy items, do they choose you or do you choose them?

I don't like buying working tools without touching them, holding them in my hands, interacting with them physically. I've held plenty of beautiful things that just felt wrong in the hands. I think it's a 50/50 mutual choosing. 

27. How do you organize your herbs/ingredients?

Alphabetically, like everything else. 

28. Do you have interest in other deities that you don’t work with; if so, which ones?

I'm always interested in deities, their historical worship and whatever contemporary devotion they may be receiving. 

29. Do you have a fav time of day to do spell work; if so, why?

It will depend on the purpose of the working, how much energy I have, and if I even have the time to plan. Some things are addressed right at the moment the situation arises. I prefer daytime for cleansing, protection, and other similarly higher minded stuff. I like night time for pretty much everything else. If I'm working something to directly influence another person, I try to time the working for when I know they will be asleep and therefore more receptive. 

30. Are you solitary or do you work with a coven?


31. If you could pick a certain witchcraft tradition that fits your practice most what would it be (Druid, Celtic, Wicca etc)?

I have traditions that I am interested in, but on my own I am just a Witch. 

32. What was the most creative spell you have ever done. What did you use?

That would be telling!

33. What do you prefer for divination (tarot, oracle, runes ,etc, and why?

Tarot. I've always been fascinated by the cards and I like the tactile experience of holding them, shuffling, laying out a spread. I want to learn to read the runes - it's on my lift of 5 million other things I want to do. 

34. What are some ways you keep yourself grounded?

My job requires me to be both grounded and shielded, so that certainly helps. 

35. Have you ever had a spell go horribly wrong?

I haven't liked the results of certain spells when I've cast out of my feels or wasn't honest with myself about what I wanted/needed at the time, but I wouldn't say any of them ever went wrong. 

36. What are your opinions on initiation rituals?

I've never been a part of one. 

37. Have you ever had full contact with your deity; if so, what happened?

Full contact? That sounds naughty. 

38. What about you is un witchy?

Probably the way I meltdown whenever there's a bug in the house. 

39. For the dating witch, how do you tell a new love interest that you are a witch?

I give them chocolate mousse with a chalky undertaste and let them figure the rest of the plot out for themselves. 

40. Who is a past witch that has inspired you ,famous or not?

Eddie Buczynski, Eleanor Bone


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