Passable Eros

Let us for a second pretend that I signed up for a well known, online dating service. We are pretending, even though we both know I did this for real. For the sake of pretend, let's call this dating service "Passable Eros."

"Passable Eros" is probably the least offensive such website I've ever used, although some gay men still treat it like it's Grindr or Growlr or Scruff or or whatever else my people are using these days.

I filled out my interests. I added my details. I uploaded a nice picture of me, smiling, with no filters or makeup on. I try to be interesting and cute while not giving anyone any false impressions or speeding up their inevitable disappointment.

I don't make a big to do about my religion in my day to day life, but online I find it helps to just put it out there. If they have an issue with it, let them fuck off now instead of later. Unfortunately, "Passable Eros" seems to think there are only nine religious choices: Agnosticism, Atheism, Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Other.

I'm pretty sure Catholicism is still a kind of Christianity, unless there was a schism I haven't heard about, but whatevs.  I get to be the "Other, and kind of serious about it" guy. I have some Pagan-y type books listed and those in the know could probably read between the lines.

The topic came up with one strapping young fella with whom I was engaged in correspondence. He asked, so I told.  It went down like this:

Strapping Young Fella: "Wicca, huh? Isn't that, like, witchcraft?"

Me: "It's a kind of witchcraft, yes."

SYF: "I guess you've never read the Bible then."

Me: "I have actually, several times."

SYF: "Well then you know what God says about Wicca."

Yes indeed, the guy who moments before was trying to get to know me Biblically was now quoting the Bible to condemn my heathen ass.

From now on, I think I'll tell them I'm a slutty Agnostic.


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