To the costumes I have loved before

I've been thinking about Halloween costumes, natch, given the season. I don't have any plans for the secular holiday beyond making treats and watching movies, so there won't be a need for a costume this year. This makes me fairly sad, since I love dressing up, so I started thinking about my favorite costumes from the past. The most recent ones are listed first.

Prince Bathory

A boysih take on the famous Countess, also somewhat inspired by the title character in movie "May." Flawlessly groomed, well dressed, and smeared in blood. It took forever to get the red stain off of my skin.

Skeleton Cowboy

Painted skull face, western hat and outfit, long duster cape. A bitch to wash off.


I think this was the only "cheerful" Halloween costume I've ever worn.


Yeah, yeah, whatever. Did you know the official Elvira costume comes in Plus Size? It does! I looked amazing, and there may be pictures floating out there somewhere. I was at the Dallas block party in this one.

B-movie Cult Member

Black robes, hoods, too much jewelry. Also known as the "Salem Look."


I've done Rice inspired vampires. I've done The Hunger vampires. I've done rednecky True Blood vampires. I got paid one year to do a lot of Twilight vampires, with glitter, but never worn the look personally.


My parents refused to let me leave the house in the Catwoman costume my Nana had bought for me. Had I had the language then that I do now, I'd have said "Fuck the Heteronormative Patriarchy" instead of "Trick or Treat." The Elvira costume was revenge.


I wore the costume once, then my mother stole it and has been wearing it every year since. That cheap Wal-Mart costume has held up nicely these twenty-five years.


Obvs. My first Halloween costume, sewn by my Nana, was based on the Wicked Witch of the West, only she had red shoes. I've done every sort of Witch costume you can think of.

So my dear little spookies, what are some of your favorite Halloween costumes?


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