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My very dear friend Kelden and I were bitching on Skype about haul videos on YouTube and generally having a good ole' time while we did our own Pagan Show And Tell of the fun witch stuff we own.

We both have libraries that are only going to get bigger. We both have tools, herbs, candles, potions - all the typical Witch shit. I seem to be the only statue hoarder between the two of us, but I'm going to convert him.

In other words, we've really no business judging other Witches for doing a bit of unnecessary shopping, when we ourselves are devoted patrons of Pagan Central Supply.

I love to buy things and be surrounded by things. I'm neither a minimalist nor an actual hoarder. Magic stuff is just so fucking cool and I love all of the sensual elements of Witchcraft. Our gods have been the subject of beautiful artwork for thousands of years. Hell, the images and statuary we use to venerate them are often replicas of these very famous pieces of artwork.

So we discuss all this and have a good laugh at our own expense and then I put forth the question:

"If your house was on fire and you had a limited amount of time to save some of your witchy things, what would you save?"

I don't remember what Kelden's answer was, but I had a good long think about it. Once, when I had less money and more attachment to things I bought, the thought of having to lose anything would have been devastating. Now, I realize I don't own any magical doohickey that couldn't be replaced. I could replace the books. I could replace pretty much everything. But if I had to, I probably wouldn't replace a good half of it. Of all the magical artifacts I own, I'd probably save my athame and my primary tarot deck if I were in such a situation.

Now before the Gods decide to get cute, I'm not inviting said situation on myself, thank you very much!

Since I do a major purge and cleaning of the house each Spring and Autumn, I've found this to be a useful meditation. I'm still not anti-materialist, but I've got quite a few things I'll be looking to re-home.

What say you? What would you go to lengths to save if you could only save one or two things?


  1. Interesting concept! I'd save my bones, furs, antlers, and other animal parts I work with ritually, as I've developed relationships with those spirits. I've lost all my other witchy items in cross-country moves before (books, Tarot decks, the items on my altar, jewelry, etc.), but miraculously have never lost the animal parts I use in spiritwork. I take that as an omen. :)

  2. I'm 100% with you- the athame and tarot deck would be the first two things I'd grab. But if I had time, I'd also seriously try to nab my pentacle (replaceable though it may be, it's a stock sterling silver little thing, but I'm emotionally attached to it after wearing it for a good decade), and this Artemis doll I had custom made a few years ago by an amazing artist.

  3. My personal workbooks. Everything else is completely replaceable and often kind of naff - stuff I picked up in a charity shop decades ago because it fit the bill at the time, but which violates any sense of good taste I might have developed since. The material in the workbooks is, however, impossible to replicate (and would not be significant in the same way even if it were).

    Also I would save my Dyson vacuum cleaner because it is a wondrous thing.

  4. The three things I would save are the irreplaceable items: my working partner, the cauldron that belonged to my great grandparents (and a few generations before them), and the recipe book from our shop. Most everything else with a lot of time, expense, ingenuity and luck I think I can replace or replicate. But gods and our housewight willing, I will never have to do so.


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