We really ARE the weirdos, mister!

"Don't bother with tools right away. You don't need them. You don't need an altar. You don't need books. You don't need to do ritual. Just write in your journal. Connect with nature. Drink tea. You are your own priestess! Your life is your magic!!!"

That's all well and good, especially from the vantage point of a decades long practitioner who is perhaps a bit jaded about all of the stuff she has to dust, but let's not forget the life changing power of the right book in the right hands. Let's not forget how important it is to an unhappy teenager to know they are wearing a pentacle under their shirt, or that their magic knife is at home waiting for them.  Let us remember the overworked young professional going home every day and laying their burdens at the feet of the Gods they worship, cast in clay or cheap resin, on an altar that serves double duty as a night stand.

If the tools have no value, why do we STILL argue about which tool is governed by Air? Why do witches seem to instinctively turn any flat surface in their home into a shrine of one kind or another if it's ultimately meaningless? If we don't need books, why are niche occult publishes getting away with charging outrageous prices for books that contain little substance you can't find in Doreen's work?

Why do authors (who write books they obviously want to sell and make money from!!!!) jump on the "no books, no tools, no stuff, just nature" bandwagon and then include a suggested reading list and a shopping list/shopping resource guide in the back of the book?

Further, if all we need is a cup of tea and an hour spent sitting on the grass in our backyard to practice Wicca (or whatever) then why do we, as a community, shell out so much money on the shit the "product makers" are telling us we don't need but kinda do? Why are people paying for training that ultimately amounts to breathing exercises? Celebrity Pagans? GTFO.

We are a weird fucking community.


  1. Ha Ha Ha...lol you said everything perfectly. My answer to that is because as a human being we crave stuff. we as a whole cannot go about our live without having a physical manifestation of the things that we don't need.

    we don't need an alter or tools or even a book of shadows just breathing in the moment. thats partial bull if you ask me. because for some of us we just can't do that we need the sight of a book to instill the nessary feelings to complete what we want to do. we need that stuff that gathers dust and the 20 or more shrines we have in our house its how we cope with a world without the nessary connections to a higher power that we as a biological entienty cannot see with our own eyes or touch with our hands. Our brain cannot comprehend that magnatued, as such, we cope with toold and shrines and prayers to a being or entity.

    thats my take on it....or i could just drink in a cup a tea and be in the moment...lol


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