My Ancestry DNA Results

I was legally adopted at age two, which was mostly a good thing. The only curiosity I've ever had about my family of origin was my ethnic ancestry. My adoptive families are German and Czech, and my pale and gingered self is so obviously not.

Becoming Pagan really made me want to know where my ancestors came from originally. Maturing and growing in my practice has made me really think about those ancestors as people. I'm not one of those Pagans who has an ancestor altar, I'm not a medium and I have no solid opinions about an afterlife. But the use of phrases like beloved dead and calling on the spirits of my ancestors when I've been in dire need has made think about these things more deeply.

Surely everyone in my family tree wasn't a garbage person, even though my birth parents and currently living relatives are, seeing as how I'm so utterly fantastic and amazing. *snerk*

I'll spare you any more unnecessary woo because the point of all this is to stay that I finally had one of those Ancestry DNA tests done.

More than anything else, I'm Irish. I confess to you that I cried a little when I got the results. I feel more rooted somehow, with a sense of belonging and identity I've never known before, as if I make sense for the first time in 32 years. It's silly, but there it is. 


  1. Congratulations! Well done on taking the journey into finding out about more of your background. Awesomely bearded hahaha! PS I found your blog here: as I was searching for medicinal herbs to grow in the tropics. Gee its like a rabbit hole on the internet... from herbs to genetics haha. Take care ginger beard!

  2. Congratulations on your news sense of rootedness!

  3. Congratulations- my husband (who is also adopted) and I (who has some shady stuff in the family tree) had ours done recently, too- it was pretty surprising, and somehow...cathartic. :) I am very, very happy for you- while it shouldn't matter, it does, doesn't it?


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