A Spell? On a Witch Blog? Groundbreaking.

Most magical systems recommend practicing some sort of regular psychic or magical hygiene rituals. This might be as complex as taking carefully prepared baths, burning incenses, doing the  LBRP every time the sun does a thing, and fasting. This might also be as simple as a quick spritz of an herbal body spray or perfume.

I did an impromptu spell some months back when I was in the middle of a total stress induced downward spiral that has since become a part of my regular purification. The spell, not the downward spiral. Okay, that too. Who are you to judge me?

Ye Anciente Spelle Of Ye Arte Meltdowne 

1, Cast circle in your usual manner.

2. Take an unconsecrated candle - I almost always use a white votive, because I always have those around in abundance - and with your working knife carve things that represent all of your current stresses and problems into the wax. When I first did this spell, I was sobbing and nearly hysterical, so I just made gouges in the wax with my thumbnail while speaking the problems aloud. Well, scream-crying the problems aloud. It was a stressful month! Since we want to be rid of these things for good, we are incorporating our problems into the substance of the unconsecrated candle.

3. Once you have the candle good and fucked up (and you aren't scream-crying anymore) place the candle on your pentacle and inscribe a banishing pentagram of earth over it using your blade or your fingers. Then exorcise and purify the candle with the four elements. Ideally this will be a very tactile blessing, really rubbing salt and water into the carving and passing the candle through smoke and fire. I like a mix of sandalwood and white sage for this but you do you. Oil the candle, Van Van works great of course, but choose something you find cheerful.

4. Light the candle, sit with it a while, scream-cry some more if you want to.  Then, taking up your bell (I use Tibetan tingsha bells) you will speak the needed change and then strike the bell.

From chaos I create order
From rage I create serenity
From isolation I create connection

Or whatever. If you are really going through it who are you to judge me?  saying exactly what you need after having a cathartic experience is powerful enough in its own right.

5.Close circle and let the candle burn all the way down. 

6. Don't be a dick Act in accord. 

Bad humor aside, I've found this technique really helpful and I hope you give it a shot if you ever have need.


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